Belgium diaries.

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Which word comes first in your mind, after hearing the name, Belgium? Well, what I can relate it all with is chocolates. But after visiting the place, I got the idea, Belgium is not just known for chocolates, though for waffles, beers and laces too. I visited two cities in Belgium, Antwerp and Brugge, and found both the cities different from one another. Well, Antwerp is basically a business based city, known for it’s diamond work, which has a direct trade to the city Surat, India. Whereas, Brugge is totally a peaceful city, surrounded by nature. 

  Things to do in Brugge.

At first when I  entered the city, I almost felt I was long back in an ancient city, which we usually use to see in movies. The city seemed to be old but yet too beautiful. The ancient image of the city was created in my mind, as I saw those stoned roads, the horse carts running, the greenery around and the canals. The city was full of canals. The weather and the city was complimenting as it was a sunny day. It was fun to just roam around and walking. And really I’m still wondering, how I covered the whole city just by walking around, and not getting tired even a bit.

 The architecture of the city was somehow uniform, as the houses and the shops almost looked similar, we were not able to differentiate between the two. What we could see was buildings of brown, white, red, and peach colours all around. Although, it was very fascinating. 

The most impressive culture over there was of cycles, I saw majority of people riding cycles and the city seemed even more beautiful with the cycles. In Brugge, you can found saperate lanes for cycle riders, I loved this concept of treating even the cycle riders equally. It was good to see that the people are concerned about environment and prefer cycles not only for short distance, but sometimes for far distances too.

If you’re in Brugge for tourism purpose and you’ve less time to cover the whole city, you must take the advantage of canal rides. We did the ride in €11/- and it was worth doing that. This ride not only covered the whole city tour, but there was a guide, who told us stories and the history behind some famous architecture of building and about the city. If you’re a traveler or a blogger or a journalist or if you’ve limited time to cover the whole city, this will be the wisest choice to make at the time.

After the canal ride, we were hungry now and we were craving for chocolates, and why would we not, the whole city smelled like a chocolate factory, you could smell chocolates and waffles everywhere. We saw chocolates and waffles shops more then the people around in the city. But one must taste those Belgium waffles, they’re worth having. They have a huge range of variety of waffles, they’ve strawberry waffles, honey waffles, blueberry waffles, chocolate waffles and many more. We tasted a totally different kind of chocolate, which was an orange chocolate. The orange slice with its peel was dipped in dark chocolate and it was something totally different I’ve tasted ever. Those orange chocolate are famous in the city. 

 As I was returning home from the city which is famous for chocolates, so it was obvious to get some chocolates with me back to India. I almost took 5 boxes of chocolate truffles with different flavours in it, dark chocolate, Carmel, orange, coffee and milk. Also I took 7 bars of dark and milk chocolates with me. 

 We saw a beer wall, there was a huge variety of beer bottles, which I haven’t even heard name of. 

Belgium was an experience worth remembering. 🙂



  1. I lived in Brussels in the early 1970’s and Brugge was a ‘Must take friends’ place.
    Don’t forget to duck your head when going under the bridges in a boat! And see the oldest hospital in the world!

    Bud Robinson (thanks for the ‘like’) on my blog)

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  2. Chocolates!! Chocolates are girls best friend. And really the people over there ride cycles? And people don’t make frown faces? That’s good actually otherwise in my country riding a cycle is something putted in inferior bracket. But we shall adopt it as the tummy would go in and we could inhale fresh air.. And we don’t need to apply a paint called atmos(deepika ads).. By the way,it was a good read… Thanks for sharing as its very helpful..

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