A boy can, but a girl can’t!

We witter about stuff like, gender equality and women empowerment. We stand-up for candle march. The government has promulgate, the scheme “beti bacho beti padhao“. NGOs are taking initiative and spreading awareness across the villages and small towns. It’s good to see India like this, growing and educating. Women’s education plays an important role in every society. Today, almost every girl is getting grounding education, like primary and secondary. Moving towards the higher education, the ratio declines but still there are many, who are getting the higher education.

So what is all this for? 

What after when a girl gets a graduation degree? In our society, people talk about her marriage, not her career.

  1.  A father invests on her daughter, to send her to some unknown family, or to let her spend her entire life with them and earn for them.
  2.  Or, he invests on her, to make her capable to earn for herself, for her family (her parents and siblings)?
  3.  Or, he invests on her, to work for a responsibility, not just to show the society, or for her own satisfaction, not just to buy herself, her favorite cosmetics or the most costly brand products?

 The last two points, maybe it looks quite weird or impossible, in our society. Maybe, we can just write this in blogs and articles, just like I’m writing here. 

A point of view!

Suppose, in a family, where the couple has only two daughters, or three, and no son. After many years, when all the three daughters get married and goes to settle with their in-laws. Now, they will take care of their husband and in-laws, and so they’ll earn for them. Their priorities changed. Instead of this, why can’t she earn and put her salary in her mother’s hand. Why can’t she take care of her family, whereas her husband is doing for his own family? 

 In this society, parents generally don’t accept the gifts given by their daughters, whereas they totally depend of their sons for their survival. She has been grown  up by the same way, as her brother has been. 

 Is it really compulsory for girl to get married? As, why can’t this society makes this optional? A girl gets education by her own parents, and later she works for her husband’s family. What, if a girl stays with her own family, works for them? I don’t think so, anyone should have objection in this, as everyone has their own choices.

 A note to every girl.

Dear girls, you’re capable of doing a lot. You’re educated, you are educated enough, to take care of your family. You can suceed even more, just try and put efforts. Just don’t waste the education, given by your parents. Never work for showing the society, but try to be responsible. Use this education for them. Be thankful to them, for giving so much to you. Treating you and educating you like their daughters, yes daughters! Never try to be their sons, you’re more than sons, you’re daughters. You’re special. Try to make decisions of your life, don’t let the society to rule over your life. And the most important, never leave your parents for any stranger and his family. They are your first priority and they’ll always be your first priority, the people who gave you birth.

Thoughts and ideas-  Astha Singh and Preshit Sharma

Half of the credits- Preshit Sharma

Instagram name- preshitsharma 

Picture source- Internet* (Google)



  1. Yesss im the first to comment😊…Great job again AsthaπŸ™ŒπŸ™‡πŸ‘.My thoughts were wild, just bumped into my mind as a result of curiosity and even after thinking about that for a long time i couldnt portray it right…But blessed to have friend like you…U not only gave my thoughts a direction but a MEANING…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! It’s all because of you, as you’re the one who placed the root plot of this article. I just added a bit of my thoughts and examples, and just after you explained me this plot, honestly you made me think more on this topic, which I never even paid attaintion.


  2. A great thinking and iniative by girls like you(astha singh) towards a better society for which most of the people like us really dreamt of,but never dared to initate it.
    Well i think you are right one should not be so concern about what society think instead one should be able to stand against malpractises of our male dominating society.
    Education has already played a vital role in reforming our society to a much extent but we still need to go a long way.I would appreciate it even more if person reading this would really implement this in their lives and not just to appreciate it in the comment box.
    At last i would say don’t let it be just confine to a blog,we should altogether make it happen into a reality towards a better india.it’s not only a article,it’s a movement that we all should be a part of.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much brother. πŸ™‚ Such feedbacks from people like you actually motivates me and others to broaden their thinking of this society and the breaking the stereotypes of this men dominating society.


  4. Wow! This is one of the best articles i hve read about the topic. Great job guys! Both astha and preshit. I had the topic on my mind as well and was about to do something about it. But astha, you haave done a great job! πŸ‘πŸ‘Thumbs up and keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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