Bookish Bondings.

​Reading books is always considered as a good habit. Parents always suggest their kids to read books. “The more you read, the more you gain”, this was something, me and my sister used to listen every now and then in our house, from our parents. I guess, everyone’s parents do so. Well, this is somehow true, actually very true and parents tell us this, to rise up wise. 

 But, I’ll accept this, I never learned to read books from my parents, even though, my parents really have a good habit of reading. There wasn’t any of their fault, but this really never fascinated me, I really never found it as my thing. 


 I was in eighth grade, when I got admission in a government school, though I was having some friends already there, so I never felt alien in the new atmosphere. 

 Everyone, there was good with me, but one girl became my best friend, Bhoomika. There was some kind of special bond between us, maybe there were a lot of similarities between us. Or I can say, we usually had different opinions on many issues, or maybe we both loved to go to the library and see the daily horoscope, in the Times of India’s, Surat Times.  


Just as I mentioned earlier, I was never fond of reading books, whereas Bhoomika was a nerd. There was a certain allotted period for library in our school schedule, and it was compulsory for each one of us to issue one book, a week. As, I never knew much about literature, so Bhoomika suggested me one book, named “Nancy Drew”, it is a mystery fiction series, by Carolyn Keene. I told her I really never read such kind of book earlier, so she gave me a brief, actually she told me the whole story. 

 It was the very first novel, I was starting, Nancy Drew- The Secret Of The Old Clock. As I knew the whole story, every scene was getting very clear in my mind. As, it was my first novel, it took almost, more than one week to complete that one book. Finally, when I completed the book, there was a feeling, which I really can’t described in words. It was a kind of success for me, or an achievement, it was a satisfactory feeling, honestly, it wasn’t really an achievement, but I was so confident after completing the whole. After that, within the next 6 months I completed the whole series of Nancy Drew, which were available in our library. Reading generated confidence in me. 


After, becoming an addict of fiction, we both always use to go to the library together and spend time there, discussing the current ones we were up to. I actually used to wait for that, one library period in the week. Then we, started some more different genera. We discussed English literature, as well as Hindi. Chicken soup to Biography of Rabindranath Tagore. The self help books, to the Harry Potter and Twilight series. We read Sudha Murthy’s “How I taught my grandmother to read and write” to Ruskin Bond’s “Delhi is not far”. 

Being with her, and accompanying her made me read more and more books, and so I’m thankful to her. Because, not everyone can get a good company, who actually makes you capable of something, or can make love the things which you hate the most. She changed my point of view towards books. I’m lucky enough to have her in my life. Because, a good reader is a good writer. Today, I write and many of you like them too, it is just because of the time, I spend with her in the library. I spend time with her actually reading, instead of laughing behind the books gossiping with friends, like others. I’m glad that, I choose to stay with her, instead of getting into the random useless stuff. Friends can make you anything. There is a saying, which made me believe in that “The person you will be in 5 years is decided by the people you spend time with and the books you read today”. Surround yourself with people and things who grow you.



  1. I am speechless, I can’t possibly think what to say. But as you wrote me this whole thing I have to write something, right?!😝
    Yes, we were these friends who went to library to see our horoscopes or something, remember the time how it went totally correct for us? After we got fond of books and I have to say, you became a better reader than me by the time we reached 10th. But you got great taste honey, you made me open to other great stuff. And yes, friends do change your way of thinking and make you what you will be after 5 years or so. Love you so much. Meet me soon!!❤️

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  2. Your articles are truly based on a true life…which we can totally relate with ourselves…and this article seriously made me concern towards reading.
    Amazing writeups…
    Keep it up…
    Far way to go…

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  3. Really superb article dost!!What you wrote is really true that in everyone’s life there is a special person who changes their way to live a life. And there are very few person who get that person in their life and u r very lucky to have one😍nd I guess those who are reading your articles are also going to get very soon that special person in you ❤ as you are so inspiring and motivating to them😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot hany. ☺️☺️ I’m really glad that people are actually reading my articles. This means a lot to me, and people like you motivate me to write even more. Thank you so much 🙂


      1. I want people to read your articles because they r heart touching and even more inspiring ❤yeah I motivate you because I want to read more and more new articles of yours actually not only I but everyone wants to read. No thanks in frndship😜

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