Let’s be happy for small things. Talking to your best friend at night, and taking about the whole day, you came across. Watching your favourite movie for the twentieth time and still loving it as much as watching at first. Laughing at the most silly jokes cracked by a dumb friend, maybe this makes them happy too. Sitting with your lover, and just acting totally kiddish, to grap their attaintion and to tell them how much you love them. Meeting up with people we love, makes us happy, even more than talking on phone on text, as we can feel the emotions and love in their eyes, and this makes your bond more stronger with them. Be happy for trying a new outfit and look totally perfect in yourself, or to use a new product and waiting for their result. Be happy for having your mumma’s hand cooked food, after ages. Be happy to see your favourite celebrity’s success. Seeing your father after he returns home from work, doing all his hard work for your family, and realising that there is always someone who cares for us. Be happy for eating at your favourite restaurant and tasting your favorite dish. Being happy for these small things makes you smile everyday.



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