My Cup of Tea.

I’m eighteen, and I’m just like the other girls around you. I’ve got long hair, but don’t ask me to braid/ tie it always, I like it being messy. Because, maybe that’s not my cup of tea.

 I like to stay bare faced, instead of putting makeup for a party, so stop annoying me each and every time, by saying “be a girl or you’ve got genes of a boy”, as investing a lot of time in creating an artificial beauty is not my cup of tea.

 I wear “Kurtis” and “salwar kameez (Indian traditional dress)”, but kindly don’t judge me on the basis of my dressing sense and call me “gawar (a villager)*. Because, I feel more comfortable in those dresses because staying in those uncomfortable jeans all day, is not my cup of tea. 

 I prefer 80’s romantic songs and gazals, over today’s rock music, but please don’t call me “old fashioned”, as words are even more important for me, than beats. Listening to the loud music and beats, is maybe not my cup of tea.

 I like hollywood, but even more I like the old bollywood and artistic movies, as I love the Indian art and culture, and adopting any other culture, is kinda not my cup of tea. 

 I prefer to sit with my friends at home, remembering our memories, and talking totally nonsense, instead of going to a club and getting high. Don’t say, I’m boring, its my choice and everyone have their own way of enjoyment, and clubbing is not my cup of tea.

 I believe in god, and you call me uncultured and atheist, just because I don’t worship daily. Because sitting only in front of sculpture of god is not the only way to thank God, this is really not my cup of tea.

If I stick to a relationship, even after facing alot of problems and getting hurt too many times, don’t call me “dumb”, I’m mature enough to take decisions of my life. And giving up on somebody, I admire, is not my cup of tea.

 I go to nearby crossword to pass my leisure time, instead of going to a pub or cafe with fake people, who are wearing the mask of friendship, and just show off. My leisure time is also important and I find it worthwhile going to a bookstore.
 I’ve got scars on my face, but please don’t make me feel bad everytime of that and ask me to get treated. As, scars and moles are something, that are proof that you’ve lived alot. And not living and staying blank is definitely not my cup of tea.

 I respect the rite given by my parents, I respect my culture and the society in which, I’m living. But, don’t make me the slave of these pointless norms and mores, which the society has being following, just for it is “so called”. Let me be myself and being myself is my only cup of tea.
Picture credit- @doodletard  (Instagram)






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