2017- MMXVII

Last day of this year and of course my last post of this year. It was a good, bitter, complicated, arduous but a rewarding journey for me. This year was, a kind of turning point in my life, with new people, new goals, new destinations, new challenges, new lessons, new bitter truth and old good friends.

 Earlier, it was a very easy going life, with some very good friends and life seems perfect at every moment of life. But, when I was exposed to the dark side of this, it was heartbreaking. When you grow up, you realize not everyone who is your friend today, will be yours after almost 10 years later. It doesn’t mean, people are being inconsiderate, but their priorities are changing, and so you’ve to change them, as life have many different chapters and all those chapters, can’t have the same characters always. Sometimes, people who were the best part of your life, are now just a tale of woe of your life. 


       A fantastic life? Not really.

Earlier, when I was in my school, what I felt was life is all about fun and it would be easy going. But, this span of 6 months, confounded me that, I was wrong. Life has a lot to do, even more than fun. Life is more about goals, relations, challenges and opportunities, then fun. And when you move out of your home, a place where you are pampered and protected by your parents and live with almost all facilities, they can provide you. There comes a time, when you’re surrounded by many friends, but somewhere you feel lonely, just because they are just your friends, not family. There are very limited people, who afford to become your family, actually very less, maybe one or two, or even you can say three.

 When you’re out, you have to manage everything on your own, what your parents did for you. The things we thought were easy, now those are difficult after doing on your own. You travel alone. Sometimes you miss your train or flight, but then also you’ve to manage on your own. Maybe, this is all you experience when you grow up. By time, people around you doesn’t remain same, also new people around you, are not always of your kind, as everyone have their point of views. And when you move out to a different city, thinking change. 

 Moreover, you become more busy, you’ve to make time for your dear ones, and your profession simultaneously. And trust me, it is difficult, really very difficult. Because life is always busy, and you’ve to learn, how you can balance between your professional and personal life. 



             Who stick by your side?

Today, when I feel helpless, the same people are standing for me today, who stood by me earlier, my parents, my two sisters and those two, 7 years old friend. These people are always on my side, and I’m thankful for them. Also, a new friend, who is from the same city, I belong, I can’t believe one can become so close to you, in very few days.

 Simply, what I learned this year was, self importance, and prioritizing. Sometimes, we give a lot to those, who are never deserved and we simply ignore those, who are doing so much for us. 

 And when you give time to yourself, it doesn’t mean you’re selfish, but you’re just prioritizing things. And you’re young enough to understand, whom you’ve to prioritize and whom to not.



  1. Very well narrated the experience of life. The scenerio changes once switch fm school to college and stay in hostel for higher studies. Keep it up and be bravo Astha.

    Liked by 1 person

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