Talk to know.

Waiter: What you’ll take?

Me: One tea and one coffee.

Waiter: Okay! 

My sister: Excuse me, can you tell me, how far is Akota from railway station.

Waiter: Full address?

My sister: Wait, let me check.

  *She picked up her phone, and checked the address, she wrote in the “notes”*

My sister: Shree plaza, Shrenik pakk.

Waiter: It’ll take 15 minutes from here, the auto driver will take ₹40/- or you can book jugnoo auto, it is more reasonable. 

My sister: Okay, thank you.

Waiter: Do you have an interview over there?

My sister: No, I’ve exam.

Waiter: Kaunsa exam hai? (Which exam)

My sister: MBA ka exam hai

Waiter: MBA kisme kar rahe ho, finance or HR? 

My sister: Abhi exam de rahi hu, admission ke liye. (I’m giving exam for college admission)

Waiter: MSU (Maharaja Sayajirao University) ka MBA accha hai, aur placements bhi hai accha, bahut scope hai. (MSU’s MBA program is good, with good scope and placements).

My sister: Ohh. Okay!

Waiter: Aage aane wale time me to, psychology ka bahut scope hoga, writing ka scope hoga bahut. Padhna hai ye padho. Logo ko psychiatrist ki zarurat padhegi (In future, psychology’s scope will be good and writing stories and poetry, people will need psychiatrist, as nowadays, people are overstressed with their career and other problems) My daughter is also studying literature.

My sister: Okay. She is also studying Journalism only. 

  *Pointing at me*

Me: Ha, Vadodara se hi. (Studying in Vadodara itself). 

Waiter: Oh, good. 

  * He left and after 5 minutes he came with two steel glasses with him.*

Waiter: One tea and one filter coffee (South’s special).

Me: Thank you uncle.

Waiter: Call me Anna. 

  * I smiled simply*

After he went, me and my sister were discussing about, how did he came to know about all these education and technology stuff, and if he is aware of all this, then why he is a waiter? Somewhere in my mind, there were many questions, on the other hand, I was happy to see, that people are getting aware of education and technology, which will help them in moving forward in their life. 

 This morning, had a great conversation with a South Indian man, working in a restaurant named “Madras Restaurant”. 

*The coffee was worth drinking*


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