My love for coffee is forever. Usually coffee is something, which makes my day happening, or makes me joyous. I believe a good coffee, with a good friend is always the best combination. Coffees like cappuccino, latte and americano are always the perfect ones, and yes, forever my favourite. These are some options, which almost always remains same for my coffee date. Also, sometimes I love to do experiments with my choices, as so I did yesterday. Me and my friend ordered one each. Mine was black forest Choco crème and my friend’s was KitKat Choco crème. Unfortunately, KitKat Choco crème was more tasty. Well, mine was like an ordinary bored cold coffee with some taste like strawberry essence, with a big scoop of icecream on it, usually a simplest form of cold coffee. But, definitely I was jealous of my friend’s one, as it tasted like a strong coffee with the taste of KitKat in it and yes beautifully decorated with KitKat cubes. But then also, I pretended to enjoy my drink. Then, for the next time I was very sure, not to order the one, I did this time. Maybe, this was an experience for me, to understand the quality. And that’s what, I came to know that, what was good for me. At least by this incident, I was able to judge, what is right or what is wrong or we can say which tastes better, and which doesn’t. Maybe, that’s why people use to say, experiences teachs you a lot.☕


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