Grown up.

The idea of going on a vacation is always breath-taking, and when you go on a vacation after a long time, then it is very exhilarating. But when you start thinking, that you need a vacation to refresh yourself, instead of running away from school or your homework, then you’re grown up.

 It was almost one year or I guess more, I haven’t been to anywhere outside the town, rather than doing up down from my college town to hometown. Obviously, I was tired of living my life, with the same boring daily routine. But, then suddenly one day, my family and some friends planned a two days mini trip, to a nearby tourist place. 

 I was excited not because I would be having something to post, on social media, but I was going to experience something rare, in those two days and that time limit actually doesn’t matter.

 The day, we departed for our destination, I was full of resfeber. Well that is usual, anyone will feel that. Earlier, during the road journeys, I always use to wait to arrive at the destination, or usually plan to do things at that particular destination. But, this time I enjoyed, this road trip, the bright sun in the sky, with the balmy music, touching the core of my heart, and making my soul pure and the scenic drives too. 

 Capturing moments become more important, rather than clicking selfies. Or just capturing things around you, or making memories with people, you just feel to capture each and every moment in your camera, so in future, whenever you go through those, you just go with a flashback in front of your eyes.

 Moreover, when you’re up to this level to understand, that you don’t need only friends or some cool people around you to enjoy or just your colleagues, then trust me you can actually enjoy with your family. In fact, at this point, family time is over everything. Because, there is a time in everyone’s family, when we are unable to give time to our families, due to some circumstances. 

 This is my personal view, on transformation in myself, because I feel many of you have also came through, from such type of situation or transformation, somehow yours might be different from mine, because with time you grow up, you grow with the values in yourself and you start giving importance to relations first. 



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