Travelling is learning.

​Yesterday, while traveling from Vadodara to Surat, by local train(for the very first time), in the ladies *dabba* (compartment) with my flatmate. As we entered the *dabba* everyone was fighting to get a seat, and I don’t know how we managed to get a seat. Then I noticed a kid lying just next to my seat with his mother, his mouth was covered with a mask, he was continuasly saying to his mother that he wants to go home. Then I asked his mother that what happen Aunty? She said ‘he is not feeling good as few hours ago he had a chemo (chemotherapy) Ahemdabad me chemo hota hai aur Surat me rehty hai at alternate days we’ve to come Ahemdabad, almost daily up down karty hai’. This was very disturbing. Their financial condition was not much sound. Then I asked how old he is? She said “bara saal ka hai (he is twelve years old)”. I said “ok”. I wasn’t able to say anything more than a OK. Then after sometime his mother said  “see some of his old pictures, how smart he is looking, he was having really good hair” also she added “he loved to style his hair with gel and act like a hero”. I replied ” haa Aunty acchi hai pictures (yes Aunty pictures are really good)”. As she was scrolling the pictures, there was picture in which he was laughing then I said ” his smile is very sweet Aunty” then she replied “ha bahut time ho gaya isko hasty hue dekha nai, yaad hai mjhe mera beta bahut hasmukh tha”(my child was very joyous, it has been a while I haven’t seen his smile). I saw tears in her eyes. After that I said nothing



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