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Change is good.

“My Mountain Story”

​ Year 2013, it was my very first trekking experience, and yes an unforgettable one too. It wasn’t the trek, or the adventure sports we played that was distinctive, but the beauty of Himachal Pradesh. The air around is totally... Continue Reading →

Love bond.

​That one person in everyone's life, who makes a lot of mistakes, but you still give them several chances, in a hope that one day, they will realise, what wrong they are doing. At some point of time, you feel... Continue Reading →

2017- MMXVII

​ Last day of this year and of course my last post of this year. It was a good, bitter, complicated, arduous but a rewarding journey for me. This year was, a kind of turning point in my life, with... Continue Reading →

Street food and talk are worth experiencing.

Waiter: What you'll take? Me: One tea and one coffee. Waiter: Okay!  My sister: Excuse me, can you tell me, how far is Akota from railway station. Waiter: Full address? My sister: Wait, let me check.   *She picked up... Continue Reading →


Father. Old is exorbitant!!


My love for coffee is forever. Usually coffee is something, which makes my day happening, or makes me joyous. I believe a good coffee, with a good friend is always the best combination. Coffees like cappuccino, latte and americano are... Continue Reading →


She wasn't able to use social network, her daughter was miles away, distance taught her everything.


​He: Next time promise. She: okay! He: Sorry love, next time, I'm busy working. She:okay! She believed patience will give her all the love and time, which she craved for.

The “Warli” Communication

Looking at this picture and wondering, what is this? This is not a portrait by any great artist, but this is the tribal Warli art of North Sahyadri Range in India. One day, when I was just roaming out, I... Continue Reading →

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