A boy can, but a girl can’t!

We witter about stuff like, gender equality and women empowerment. We stand-up for candle march. The government has promulgate, the scheme “beti bacho beti padhao”. NGOs are taking initiative and spreading awareness across the villages and small towns. It’s good to see India like this, growing and educating. Women’s education plays an important role in…… Continue reading A boy can, but a girl can’t!


Let’s be happy for small things. Talking to your best friend at night, and taking about the whole day, you came across. Watching your favourite movie for the twentieth time and still loving it as much as watching at first. Laughing at the most silly jokes cracked by a dumb friend, maybe this makes them…… Continue reading Happy.

Love bond.

​That one person in everyone’s life, who makes a lot of mistakes, but you still give them several chances, in a hope that one day, they will realise, what wrong they are doing. At some point of time, you feel everything is going to be alright, but again you realise, nothing changed. That one person,…… Continue reading Love bond.